Friday, 11 July 2008

Goody bags.......

I tell you sometimes it is so hard to find the simplest of things on this island. I have been in search of a good goody bags for the kids upcoming party. Do you think I can find anything remotely interesting. I don't want to use the usual branded stuff or crappy plastic for that matter so I went in search of paper lunch bags to do a bit of goccoing on. I had in mind to use the same design as I had put on their invitations. I knew it would be hard before I even set out. All the kids/parents here go to canteen/restaurants or home for lunch. Nobody carries a lunch bag. So not chic and so I failed on this. But on the way home I had an idea. Print on calico! Why didn't I think of this before. So I went straight home made a big mess on the kitchen table, learnt some new things about my print gocco and voila! The starts of some fabulous goody bags.

To be continued...........


Maureen said...

Excellent printing idea, and good looking too!

0-3 spoke Lithuanian
3-now spoke English
hs-thru college fluent in French
hs Latin (and yes, we spoke)
learned Thai and could speak not read
learned Farsi and could speak not read

Words in various languages come back to me now esp as one may be more 'appropriate i.e. stronger' in another language rather than my natural English.

CurlyPops said...

Wow what a great idea and re-usable too!

Doe said...

I think these are gorgeous! I'm telling you some people have no style at all! LOL!

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