Wednesday, 30 July 2008

On my desk.........

I have had the print gocco out again this week. I figured I needed to to a bit more experimenting.
So I made some cards. I just drew up a design, wanted to try the two colour thing and went for it. I still haven't quite worked out the quantity of paint thing. I go along printing and they are quite even and then I start to see patches where the paint is thinning out. I think this part of it is going to be a learn as I go.
The above picture is looking through the screen. I do love looking through the screen into the light.

The production line.

The finished product. I now need some reasons to send out a whole stack of cards.


Natasha said...

The cards look great. The faded areas add to the overall effect.

sosser said...

your cards turned out lovely! the flower design is so pretty - keep printing!