Saturday, 20 September 2008

The return.......

Port Resolution-Tanna
We are back and we had a fab time in Vanuatu and I have alot to tell. Thought I might do it over a few posts though. Less overload that way but in this here post I will tell you the Ni-Vanuatu's are a very kind, happy and giving race of people. Landscape of the two islands we visited were varied and interesting. The food we ate was scrumptious and showing the kids some things they had never seen before like an exploding volcano was priceless. We also spent a whole lot of time riding the local buses watching how day to day life works. So much different to here, not that I thought it would be the same but I do sometimes go away with things in my mind.

So I will leave you with this and go and continue trying to rid our clothes of volcano ash and chlorine from the kids bathers( too much time spent in resort pools). Will call back in tomorrow with more.

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