Wednesday, 31 December 2008

This week........

Well where did that week go! One minute we are saying our Christmas greetings then all of a sudden we are wishing all a Happy New Year. Our week has been full of playing with stuff received from Santa, drinks with friends and swimming on a desert island.

And there was even a bit of sunset watching with drinks in hand. We have had a few fabulous days away up north with some lovely new friends we have made here. This past year has revolved a lot around friends. Some very dear ones I made when we first arrived left (unhappy) but then there has been some unexpected friendships blossom(happy) and there has even been some made through my blog(very happy).
I have hopes that next year will see me enjoying more of their company........ and them enjoying a bit more of mine.

I hope everybody has a great night tonight. We are celebrating it with friends. How appropriate.

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Tinniegirl said...

Happy New Year Angelique. It has been lovely connecting with you and I look forward to lots more reading this year.