Friday, 2 January 2009

January lists.........

I have been reading around blogland that not a lot of people make new years resolutions. They don't keep them just like myself so you won't be hearing any from this wee wife. Instead I have decided to make a list each month of some things I want to achieve. There maybe some sewing to finish, some extra exercise or trying some new recipes. I'm not really sure how this will go as I am not a great list maker either. I make them too long I think and never get to the end. Getting side tracked is something I do very well though. Also putting it out there for all to see is a good incentive for success.I will make a new different list at the beginning of each month and try and mix it up a bit so life is not too repetitive.
So here starts January's list( it isn't going to be too long it's school holidays)
- Finish a quilt I started Django many years ago. He has had a fascination with mermaids for a very long time and we found some great fabric at GJ's in Melbourne. I would like to complete it before his interest wanes. The quilt top is so close to being finished I am not sure what happened. I think it was moving countries!

-fitting in some extra walks. I only really do a couple a week I would like a couple more but this is tricky for January with kids at home and husband working. I either need to be up earlier or be organized to go as soon as he gets home from work.

- doing a bit more Gocco with the kids. They love it and so do I.

I figure there maybe some things added on as the month goes on and there maybe some things that never get completed but that's the way it goes. We must remember that these fun things need to fit in with the everyday stuff. So here's to January and all she brings.

If there is anybody who would like to join in I will make a list club or something.


Kitschen Pink said...

I am very good at making very very long lists - this means the things on the lists no longer play on my mind and I can forget about them. I'm not sure that's quite the idea of resolution lists! HA! Happy New Year! t.xx

handmaiden said...

I will be watching yr lists and making my own too