Sunday, 20 September 2009

Weekends activities............

The weekend is drawing to a close with it 2 weeks of school holidays- yipee!!. To round this weekend off we watched Django getting involved in the Capoeira festival that has been on the last couple of weeks. Django started this activity at the beginning of the year and loved it right from the word go. The local capoeira group holds this festival each year and it encompasses some intensive classes for the kids and the grown-ups, shows around town and lots of excitement for the kids. They are lucky enough to get higher grade teachers in from Australia and Brazil to teach these classes. This martial art is like most others were they have the coloured belt system of grading and at the end of the 2 weeks these are awarded. We watched Django go from his beginners white belt up to his yellow belt. The super dooper big master from Australia(master Peixe)was present to hand these over. Django was very impressed by the speech the master gave at the end when he told everybody that the sport he loved doing was about them learning the skills to do it but it was also about having fun and enjoying it. He is such an emotional lad!

Juliette and I were very proud of him( his dad is away again)for getting up there and showing a whole crowd of people his new found skill. Go Django!!

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Sandrine said...

Wow, this sport looks so amazing, I just learned a little more about it today:)What a great activity for your little Django Bravo!