Thursday, 3 September 2009

Not another blue sky!!!...........

Oh no not another photo of a blue sky you say........I am very sorry to do this but I really had to let you know that Spring really has sprung here. There is two sides to this fantastic weather. The upside is seeing blue skies everyday the downside is it will soon be time to get the swimsuit out. Aarrgh I am not looking forward to this! But with this in mind I have started my morning walks again to get rid of a few kilos put on from eating to many baguettes, good cheeses and cassoulet over the winter and seeing these blue skies every morning is a good incentive to get out and move it. Hopefully this weather will help me stick to my plan of walking at least 4 times a week so that there isn't too much hanging out of the swimsuit that shouldn't be.

I have plans of coming back later with a creative space but before then I need to go and eat my breakfast that doesn't include baguette with lashings of butter & bonne maman jam.

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