Saturday, 6 August 2011

choc balls & slices the things french people don't know about..........

That's right the French aren't very wise when it comes to a slice. We had the kids birthday party a few weeks back and I made choc balls, mars bar & lemon slice. Oh and butterfly cupckes!! All good things Australian( well I think they are Australian). The French kids loved them all and one of the mums that hung around for the party was very intrigued by the whole slice thing. She loved them also but just wasn't sure what they were all about, wouldn't a tarte tartin or tarte aux framboises suffice. Oh no I said we Aussies love our slice!! Anyway I made some today for her daughters birthday, some extras left for us to eat over the next couple of days too!!

What is a slice that you love that I can make for the Frenchies nexttime???

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CurlyPops said...

Yummo! I absolutely love lemon slice. Definitely my fave, but I also love peppermint slice, jelly slice, rocky road slice, lattice slice.... actually I think I love any slice.