Monday, 29 August 2011


Today is the start of another 2 weeks break here and the start of the Jeux de Pacific(Pacific Games). We were down at the beach today watching the va'a races and as you can see the weather is glorious. I really hope it will stay like this so we can get out and about to see all the activities going about the places.  
But today is not only important for all the above things it is also important for something else and that is the drawing of the prize winners from the 550 post giveaway. When I could drag my kids away from what they were doing I got them to draw a name each......2 prizes 2 people.

Now the bits & pieces prize pack was drawn by Django and that goes to Jessica. Yippee!!!(popover to Jessica's blog as she is having a wonderful giveaway too)

The Blythe fan prize pack was then drawn by Juliette and that goes to Jo Dusty Plum.( just popover to Jo's blog because she is an ace chick)Yippeee to you too!!

Congrats to you girls!! I will be intouch to get addresses from you.

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