Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Lunch on the beach..............

Wednesday is a half day for us here school finishes at 10.45am. Yep that is right 10.45am!There is no rush to get the kids back after lunch so we decided we would go to the local snack and have a leisurely lunch on the beach. Hamburgers, panini's & frite were on todays lunch menu. The weather wasn't so great but you can't have everything.

After our little outing I do have a tid-bit of info for you. Anywhere in the world you can sit and eat frite and the seagulls will find you. Obviously the world population of seagulls love a frite!!!

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Jo - Dusty Plum said...

What time does it start!!??!!

Lovely lovely, Melbourne is not at it's best today .. and with two sick kids it's all a bit of a downer here! May be cloudy where you are but bet it's warmer than here!