Thursday, 15 November 2007

Cute French stuff...................

Some cute french finds to show. The kids get these little cd/booklets. The cd has a number of quirky french songs and the booklet has the words so we can sing along and very cute pictures. We purchase them hoping it is aiding their learning( and ours) of the French language but I think it helping their dancing round the lounge room skills more.

Yesterday at the supermarket I came across the aisle that has all the Christmas tins/chocolates and I found a Martine tin full of lovely biscuits. There was a few different pictures to choose from. After much deliberation I picked this one as my daughter loves horses and I thought one day she might use it to store stuff in as I do with many a tin.

And I have been busy finishing hand made stuff for people to take back to Australia for Christmas. Meet Fifi Bluebelle and Daisy May and below the Peg doll circus.

I will hopefully have a photo of my softies for Mirabel up this afternoon. They are nearly all completed except for the little final touches. I need to get them completed as they are hopping on an aeroplane with somebody on Saturday.

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sosser said...

your dolls and peg people are so cute! nice work!