Sunday, 25 November 2007


Well Sunday night is upon us once again. The weekend passed with us not doing much as was my intention. The lots we did do was sleep and a few jobs around the house that were on the 'to do' list. We haven't been out anywhere today and I sometimes like that. The kids are out having their last play as the sun goes down and the Sunday night routine gets put into action. Dinner- hair wash -and try for an early night before a busy week and it's to be a busy one for all of us. I have an intensive French course running all week and the kids are dancing in a production for three nights. They are particularly excited. I must admit I'm a bit proud and excited to see them up there on the stage doin' their thing. I will report back after we see the show on Tuesday. I also need to get some inspired this week to make some Christmas cards to send home. I vowed I was going to do it and do you think I can get started. No!!! Maybe another good night sleep tonight will bring some inspiration.

We can only hope so!!

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