Friday, 28 December 2007

Christmas day passed.......................

Well the big day has come and gone. The only signs of Christmas having been here is our little tree is looking very lonely without all the gifts sitting under it and all those said gifts strewn all over the lounge room. I must admit we have had fun playing with all the new things. Monopoly Jr was given by Santa and has been a bit hit for the young and old in the house. We are currently starting a 1000 piece jigsaw which I think will take a few days. The weather has turned a bit sour here so it is perfect indoor entertainment.

Our Christmas day was spent with just the four of us. It started off fairly normal but proceeded to get much more interesting. We had a great lunch,which was mostly done by my husband, and then went off for a late swim, which was beautiful and then a trip to the emergency ward at the local hospital. I stepped on something in the water which caused great pain and swelling . We haven't come across anything nasty in the water before but do know there is a few things about here.We found out it was a Scorpion fish(quite common) and in the end it wasn't so bad but a 1 1/2 hour sit in emergency and a great big bandage on my foot was called for. When I walked out the kids were looking rather horrified. They couldn't quite believe such a big bandage was needed for such a little prick.

The said bandage.

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