Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Day 18 and the peg dolls............

Day 18 presents off the advent calender( a little late for show and tell but oh well you all know the saying. Better late.......). Some cute card holders. Not overly exciting but come in very handy for the few cards we have received.

The days inbetween my last post and today have been filled with chasing peg dolls around our house. Literally. As soon as I start to make them they disappear into storyland with the kids. It's very cute and I like it when the kids go off and start using their imaginations. God knows they are vivid enough but at the same time it is truly annoying. Why can't they just stay in the one place!! Anyway enough of a rant. They are now packed up and ready to go off to new homes with other imaginative children.
Happy Wednesday to all I know we are going to have a good one we are off to the kids favorite restaurant for lunch

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