Monday, 3 December 2007

Major Tom...........

'This is ground control to Major Tom....... Where are you?'
It's been a bit like that around here this past week, all sort of lost in space.
All confused about what was going on when, not sure where we were supposed to be. Kids performing all over the place, me having everyday morning classes to go too last week( that put the whole routine up the spout).I'm not used to having to do the same thing for 5 days in a row. I have everybody else's day worked out but 'no sirree' not my own. My floats all over the shop. Bit of this, a bit of that and I like it like that. So I have had no time to think about posting, crafting or Christmasing but that is going to change as of this week. The kids are not going to let us forget that Christmas thing is happening, I am all inspired to get back to posting after I followed all these gals doing the whole posting everyday in November thing (congratulations)and I have been secretly doing my Christmas card crafting-when time has permitted- so I do have a few things for show and tell.

I have linked the song from Youtube which this post title comes from. One of my favourite Bowie songs. Happy Monday to all.

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Thanks for your comment! I think we get used to cold in Finland, though a couple of years ago it was -35 celsius for a few days and that was too much for me - the air was so dry breathing it in felt strange. Otherwise, our houses are designed to keep us warm (double/triple glazing etc). I've never been cold in the winter in a Finnish house, but I've been freezing in a London house in May... :)

I love the bunny in the previous post, by the way - I'll have to check your blog archives as soon as I have time!