Thursday, 22 May 2008

Final tick.......

I started a list at the beginning of the week of things that I had to get completed or get together/done before we leave for Melbourne this weekend and I have just crossed the last thing off. Yippee and what relief. I always feel I have a thousand things to do before I leave the house for a holiday(even though I don't). I'm not sure why think this but I do. I like to have the house tidy before we leave so we don't come home to it messy. I like to have all the washing done. That's because I always know there will be a suitcase or two full of it when we are back.

Anyway in the midst of getting the list completed I found time to make myself a pair of mittens for the cold. I found the inspiration here. They were very easy to do. Using the sleeves of an old cardigan and a bit of embroidery. I think they are going to come in very handy when I am out having coffees with my buddies. Oh how I have missed the coffees of Melbourne. This deserves a post all of it's own. While I'm away I will do a bit of tasting and report back.

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