Friday, 16 May 2008

Not your mama's crochet......

A little book review with a show and tell to go with it today. I bought this book 'Not your mama's crochet' a little while back because I thought the title of it was rather catchy. If you are speaking to non-crafty people and mention the word crochet they usually break into hysterics or tell you some story about what their grandma had made them when they were four. I myself love a bit of crochet and I still get my mum to make me crocheted cardigans and the like. I am not a fabulous crocheter but I can do it and secretly would like to be better at it. This book goes a long way to helping me understand all the crocheting jargon. I know how to do many of the stitches but not always the correct name for them. The author goes into a quite a bit of detail about this and the instructions are easy to follow. All in all I would recommend this book for people starting out, she has info about the differences in the way the Brits name the stitches to the Americans, alot of info on the general stitches as well as a few more complicated ones and also some quite cute patterns. Maybe I would do them all but I have attempted the 'getting dizzy scarf'.

Here's Django kindly modeling it for me. It is done in one long piece and you just keep increasing the number of double crochet you do and it becomes all curly and twisty. This particular scarf is going back to Melbourne with us and it going to be a birthday gift for one lovely lady. I would love one but it would be to hot for here. I need to find some really thin, nice yarn and do it on a big hook so it is all open and not to heavy. That would be good for the winter nights when it's chilly but not cold.
If anybody has any links to finding something light weight and nice please let me know.

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