Saturday, 10 May 2008


Today I reveal myself and that's only because I have been to the hairdresser. This is the first and probably the last photo I put up of me. But I have done this because I have a very curious nature,as I'm sure others do, and I am always wondering what you gals look like from all the blogs I read. Slowly over time people put up an image or two and then I say ' ah so that's what they look like'. It's the face to the name kinda thing.
Anyway so here I am newly blonde and sporting a new cut. If anybody else reveals themselves let me know I would love to see who you are.

Looky here for something on this theme.

p.s photo courtesy of my daughter.


Maureen said...

Lovely color! looks pricey. ;-) I say that as I plan to renew my own color today.

Glad you are posting about Noumea - that truly sounds like the other side of the world to me. (It is, isn't it!)

CurlyPops said...

Ooooh you're very brave. Very nice haircut!