Friday, 1 August 2008


Love fridays is something new that has started over here. If you track back through her lovely blog you will see her post all about it. There are a few other players and I am going to tag along. I can't promise every week there will be something to write about but just maybe.

So this Friday has started already with my morning french lesson and then back home for a nice cup of tea and a spot of blogging. The class begins at 8am just after school drop off. This Friday is alot different to last weeks(school holidays). It's the day were we get up and go go go. The other days of the week it is alot less stressful. The rest of the day hopefully holds a wee bit of doll crafting. I did have other plans like a lunch date but that sadly has been canceled although a couple of us are still going to catch up for afternoon tea. The weather has turned back to it's normal beautiful blue skies-we have had some crap rain and wind this last week-so I am going now to enjoy it and get some washing in and out. Not overly exciting I know but it is what it is.

Happy Friday to you!

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BigCat said...

It sounds lovely. A french lesson, cups of tea and catching up with friends. That'll do me. I'm glad your playing along. No obligation to post every week.