Monday, 25 August 2008


I'm back again! My life is back to some sort of normality. Relatives have gone home, husband is back from a stint in Papua New Guinea and I am sitting here with my first cup of tea for the day trying to make some connection back with my blog. For me the longer I leave it between posts the harder it is to get back to it but I have things to do in the next couple of weeks that will encourage me to tell you about. I have a zine swap, a quilt to create, a couple of bags to make and some new dolls to finish. Phew what a list! So with no further ado I should go off and start but before that can happen I still have upteen loads of washing to be done.
Isn't it always the way!!!

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BigCat said...

Oh, I'm glad your back. It's nice to have a blog friend in an exotic place. I love a little bit of vicarious living.