Wednesday, 27 August 2008

On my desk.........

This week sees me trying to get fabric together for a quilt someone has asked me to make. The theme is pacific islands as she lives here in Noumea and it is to be sent to her new nephew in France. In the few fabric stores here there is a fabulous array of flowery fabrics but not alot of co-ordinates so it took a bit of searching to try and find a good palette of colours. I have decided blues and oranges as the colour theme. Good for boys, nice and bright. It is going to have a bit of embroidery and a bit of embellishment and most likely a bit of everything because lets face it when the mind is left to create anything can happen.

Now it's time to go off and create!
Not promising too much but maybe I will have some to show next week.

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BigCat said...

Those fabrics are so tropical and lovely. Maybe we should do a swap some time.