Wednesday, 19 November 2008

On my desk.........

Bigs cats swap parcel

On my desk today isn't about what I am making it's about what I am looking at. I arrived home to some lovely letters and parcels. Big cats parcel was full of fantastic fabrics that I would never find here in a million years. They made me feel so happy considering I had lucked out in the fabric department in Hawaii. They even came wrapped up in brown paper just like what happens when I buy fabric here.

My fabric prize from Prints Charming arrived. They are so lovely and bright. I am thinking of making Juliette a quilt this summer so I might have to order some more after seeing them in the flesh.

Another zine. this on is truly a feat of brilliance. It is all folded and folded and folded again. It is very tricky to put back together once you have opened it all up. You can visit where it come from here.

These magazines didn't come in the mail but have been picked up in various airports on the way home. I am preparing myself to sit with many a cup of tea and flick through them.


BigCat said...

Look at all that delicious mail. Enjoy!

CurlyPops said...

So many lovely things in the mail...I wouldn't know where to start!