Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Only books.........

Well I went out into the big wide world(Hawaii) thinking I was going to find fabric stores of all varieties but alas I failed. On my whole trip I went into one proper fabric/quilting store and that was in Hilo at the start of our trip. I don't know if any of you are like me but I didn't want to go in too hard at the beginning because I thought I was going to go to even bigger and better stores. I didn't want to load myself up early and then go off and see more interesting stuff and not be able to buy it. I'm not sure what I thinking I was going to find when I got to Hawaii-re fabric stores- but I thought there would be some and there probably are but not in the built up beach area. I had heard that the Hawaiians made beautiful quilts and I did get to see some in many shops but what I really did realise is that your average tourist is not going to Honolulu for new gadgets in haberdashery stores or fantastic fabric but something else.

I didn't come away completely empty handed of craft stuff. I did get a very small amount of time to look into a couple of the bigger book stores and found some books. Golly gee there are alot of craft books out there when you get them in one space. So in the future posts you may see some spiffy aprons or even some cute animals or maybe a bit of Martha christmas crafted stuff.

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