Friday, 28 November 2008

It's all about chocolate......

Today has gone by in a blur of chocolate. Tiny cakes and another big pot of rocky-road. These said items have been made for school xmas parties and big girls parties that there seem to be many of at the moment but this post has another purpose not just to show you my excellent ability to cook with chocolate . I had a couple of requests for the recipe for the rocky-road so I thought I would oblige. It is super easy and super tasty. My favourite!

What you will need is
- 125 g butter
- 300 g nice chocolate-broken into pieces -
-100 marshmallows-but I use more

- Maltesers

Here is what you do- Melt butter and chocolate over low heat. When melted stir in marshmallows and maltesers. Pop it into a pan and place in fridge till set. Cut into squares,eat and enjoy. You may find that the marshmallows melt a little when mixed into the warm chocolate but that just adds to the texture.

Now how easy is that one.
Let me know if anybody attempts to make it I would love to see and hear about your results.

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Cosy said...

I have made rockyroad, with your inspiration! It is wonderful! I added peanuts but the Malteasers are a treat! I'm not sure if it will last long enough to post a picture on my blog.