Saturday, 3 January 2009

The wait is finally over.......

Yes the wait is well and truly over. I have been waiting for this girl for quite a few months and finally on Christmas day I got to see her in the flesh. Oh and what beautiful flesh she is. It is a long story about why I had to wait so long but suffice to say she had been sitting in Melbourne for a few months waiting for my husband to go and pick her up. I should stop calling her she and tell you she has been renamed Martine.

Martine arrived as the Heart of Montmartre in a beautiful dress with cape, hat and basket but we soon realised her attire was far to hot for this climate. So a little bit of research was done to find some dress patterns and voila today I whipped her up a new dress. We also tried a new hairdo.

This was all to much fun and I can feel the need to make her a whole lot more cute stuff.


Anonymous said...

oh I am so jealous!! Martine is gorgeous!! Love both her outfits. I have wanted a Blythe for so long now and know that I never will, you are truly lucky, can't wait to see other outfits you make!!!

Bird Bath said...

what a stunner...lucky you. She'll be fun to dress up.