Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Windy & rainy.......

I like to tell you we are doing some fabulously exciting things here but it's raining and windy and we are stuck inside. So the kids have been forced once again to make another mess on their table (which I will most likely have to tidy up) and I have been baking and cruising through blogland finding some new blogs to add to my google reader list.
Here they are if you feel inclined to browse-

-Beru Betto

-Kitschen Pink


Anna Maria Horner-I have just listened to a podcast with this lady-it was very interesting.


sweetcheese said...

Thanks for the mention and good luck on the clean-up!

handmaiden said...

I listend to AMHorner too on Craft Sanity.........great to listen to...I have a few others to listen to and am enjoying all sorts of podcasts

Nikki said...

We have matching messes!!! What I lack in house-pride I make up for in maternal pride for my little artist!!