Monday, 11 April 2011

Land ho................

Island living was taken advantage of to the max this weekend. We spent 3 days sailing around southern New Caledonia on a catamaran with some good friends. It has taken us 4 years to have this experience and boy was it fun. Well I should say it was fun inbetween me feeling seasick & someone falling and gashing their head a million miles from nowhere (husband). Our weather didn't start off to well but by Sunday it was perfect. We lazed in the sun, ate lovely food, played somes games and swam when we needed to cool down. Our weekend finished off with a visit to Phare Amedee where the snorkelling has to been seen to be believed. There were so many fish in the clear blue water it was incredible.

Like all good things though they must come to an end but I still have the reminder of being on a boat because as I write it feels like everything is still rolling around. Oh when will this feeling go away!!

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