Wednesday, 27 April 2011


The sad girl. Vol. 2
Photo by Fashion Fucsia

I am sitting here on this Wednesday arvo wondering what to write. "I think I am in a blogging hole!" is what I really want to write but it doesn't sound very interesting does it? But it is true I am in a blogging hole. I want to be here and talk interesting talk but I have lost the enthusiasm to do so. I have been making interesting stuff of late but don't know how to go about showing you, my family has been fit & healthy( apart from my husband falling over and getting a Harry Potter like scar on the back of his head) & life has in general has been good to me( apart from us moving into our house and getting flooded and then having a Tsunami warning after the terrible earthquake in Japan).......well maybe not so good.  

Another thing that has passed over my thoughts of late is that there is soooo much going on out there in blogland that I think what is the purpose of doing this anymore.  I write my blog because I want to and if somebody else drops by to see what I have to say then good and well but reality is we want others to drop by and read a little of what we have to say. True!!! Is there anybody out there??????

I am feeling a little sorry for myself, I do apologise for this. I often don't like to do that here but sometimes you just need to get things off your chest. Please if you are out there reading this let me know it might just brighten up my day and I promise I will be back tomorrow or even later with a much cheerier outlook.

P.s If anybody has any remedies for getting out of a blogging hole please let me know.


m.e (Cathie) said...

oh Angelique, I know how you feel. sometimes I just can't think of anything exciting to post about so I grab the camera or bake something & wish for the best.

i am sorry, i haven't been a great blog friend as I don't pop by to say hello but i always read from google reader.
from now on I will pop by to say hello.
it happens to all of us at times, we get too busy & next thing you know we don't drop by anymore!

i wish you a wonderful day with lots of smiles and hope you feel a little brighter soon ♥

Jo - Dusty Plum said...

Angelique as someone who has had the good fortune to have met you not once but twice, and who has only just discovered your blog .. I say please keep typing!! Post photos .. links to songs you love .. friends blogs .. just read and be inspired and try not to think too much or think of your readers, just share the essence of you and we will all love it to bits. I also read and will definitely try to comment more .. I know with my new blog I've not got many readers or commenters so can feel a bit funny at times but it's a work in progress. X

CurlyPops said...

We're all still here, but reading in google reader makes it soooo convenient, that I always run out of time to pop in and comment.
I love reading your blog, especially when you include bits about where you live because it's so different to here.

Tanya said...

HI Angelique,
I am here too! Reading from google reader- like curly pops said, it's convenient...I never get as much time to spend reading lovely blogs as I would like, always trying to reduce my computer time. but I do try to pop in every now and then. Take care, glad today is a new day and that you have been brightened up x