Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Lack of conversation.........


I had a trip to the hairdressers yesterday which was very much needed. On my way there I realised I hadn't been since January. Scary!!! I never usually notice how bad the regrowth is until I sit in the chair and look in the very well lite mirror then I cringe. My hairdresser or mon coiffeur, if you like to say it in French, have a very good understanding. Neither of us say very much too one another because we can't but he always does just what I want. The right colours, the right cut and I come out feeling fabulous. Maybe it's all telepathic, maybe I'm sitting there all the time thinking don't mess up my hair, yes like that, that is good or it is just not seeing all that grey. Who knows but I like his style.

My hair doesn't look anything like the Blythe above (if you were wondering why I put her there) I just like her do.


Sandrine said...

Oh you made me lough Angelique, specially the telepathic bit!;)))
I can relate to all that,now my battle is how long will I put up with these horrible grey hairs sticking out!!Finding a good hairdresser has not happened to me yet...that is why they are soo long now;)))

Christy said...

Your blythe doll is so pretty! That just reminds me I need to get my hair cut!

Bird Bath said...

Yes I take too long to visit the hairdresser too - and then I wonder why I waited so long. It always turns out to be a great pick-me-up.
I like Blythe's hair - very ooh la la