Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Giveaway goodness............

What a very rewarding week I have had so far. Not rewarding in me getting stuff done that I need to but in winning things. It is up to 3 so far but I think that is were it will end. I can't be to greedy. The special things are as follows.

1:: A sweet package of barrettes from And she's off as part of the sew mama sew giveaway.

2:: I guessed the right twins on little arty crafty crow. I thought this would be a tricky one but obviously the brain was working correctly yesterday.

3:: and there was a Pendantic pendant going begging at Pink Licorice-life that needed to come to the Pacific.

That is a whole lot of goodness for one week. Now I am going to be sitting and waiting for the sound of our postie whizzing down our street.

Thank you again to all those lovely ladies.

1 comment:

Sandrine said...

Wow, maybe you should go and try loto now, looks like luck is with you;)