Monday, 1 June 2009

No more waiting.................

The time has arrived to let you know who won my giveaway.

Now with all the excitement of how many comments I was left by all you wonderful readers I decided to add on a 2nd draw.

The first person randomly drawn was comment number 77 which was - Djaj and she requested Leon le chouette. How appropriate that he is going off to a French speaker.

The 2nd draw winner for a lovely brooch is Christy.

I am so happy lots of people came to visit and by you all visiting me I have found myself a few lovely blogs to add to my collection. I will be happily filling what spare time I have catching up on what you have all been up to.

I will contact you shortly for your address and so forth.

Cheers again


Christy said...

Hi Angelique! Thank you so much for the lovely brooch prize! I have emailed you. :)


djaj said...

Wahou !
I'm so glad I'm going to receive an Owl !
I just feel like Harry Potter, I'm so happy and excited !
Thanks for your great giveaway day !!!

Sandrine said...

Congrats on the lucky winners;)