Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A parcel a day...........

The postie has been seen sited in our cul-de-sac twice this week and both times he has stopped at our place. Today Martine's sweet knickers turned up from New York and yesterday's parcel was all the way from Tasmania.

The parcel was a prize from a guessing competition the little arty crafty crow was having. I was most surprises when I opened the parcel to find one of her lovely creatures in there. I have been eyeing them off for quite some time. I love the coffee/tea stained finish and all the little detail she applies to her dolls.

She even has an 'A' necklace on which means she belongs to me.

Thank you once again Grace for this lovely parcel. You will be happy to know that Prue is going to join a slow growing collection softies that have since moved to Noumea.


Christy said...

Winning is just an awesome feeling isn't it? Your goodies are the sweetest! The little doll is just darling!

Sandrine said...

What a sweet parcel!Funny I met a Aussie lady that spend about 8 to 9 years in New cal today, she sounds like she liked it!:)

CurlyPops said...

Ooooh isn't she beautiful. I have one of her lovely creations too. I wish I could afford to buy another!

BlackCrow said...

I was hoping to see sweet knicker pics too!!
She looks happy to be there with you in Noumea.
I was surprised at how long the post took, not 5 days at all like the woman at the counter told me. Hope we get to see a peek of your softie collection sometime.
I have one of CurlyPops creations, a very elegantly made bookmark!
I do like her aprons too!
Thank you!!

Tinniegirl said...

She is just beautiful. Such gorgeous detail.