Friday, 11 June 2010

3 Dolls....................

Before last month I owned 2 Blythe dollies and then in the space of a couple of weeks it is now up to 5. Last month I had a splurge and bought 3 new ones. Why you ask.....because husband said I could( yes sometimes I still need to ask permission) and because I won the chance too. The official site for Blythe's holds international lotteries and you win the chance to buy the new dolls that are sold in limited quanitites outside of Japan. I have been trying to win one of these chances for a while now and had lucked out but then lady luck shined down on me and I won three in a row. First girl was 'Kiss me true' (above)....don't you love her biker chick style.

Next was 'Love and More'......maybe a tad lolitaish but she has great shoes!

 Third was 'Ahcahcum Zukin'......she is very gypsy like and comes with a racoon stole. Looking at all these girls I think I have a thing for long hair and big bangs!!

All 3 have arrived to their destination but I have not laid eyes on them as yet. They are waiting patiently for me in Melbourne and I am waiting for next week to arrive. Oh I sound like I am 5 and it is Christmas eve. In saying that my excitement for getting new dollies has never waned from when I was a little girl. I have always loved  getting a new dolly and I think I always will!


Vic said...

Wow... lucky you!

I don't need to ask permission. No sir! That is because I am sneakily paying off my first girl - I had to have her - and will hide her in the cupboard when she arrives... ;)

I am yet to even SEE a blythe IRL, but I am freaking obsessed - I seriously spend hours trawling about looking for clothes & cute customs & bla bla bla...!

Loving your week'o Blythe by the way..

Pigwidget said...

Nothing like getting new dollies - it's so exciting everytime! :D LOL!

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Thank you & Good luck!

Sandrine said...

I did not know about these dolls prior to you mentioning it, they are very stylish!It is wonderful to keep making happiness happen!Enjoy!xx