Thursday, 10 June 2010

My creative space.........

The creative space this week and for a few past has been about crochet and the Blythe girls. In 10 days time I am going to Adelaide for my very first Blythe meet. I am getting so excited that I can't even explain it. I am going to meet a bunch of like minded new gals and get to look at some rather special dollies. A call out was made to donate some things for the goodie bags to take home at the end of the day so I offered to make some hats for the dollies. It is winter in Adelaide after all and it can get very cold there. In the end I have made 36 hats(in theme colours) and all but 3 are completed and ready to go into my suitcase. It has been fun making them all a little bit different with pom pom's and squiggley bits and strips but I am glad I am at the end of weaving in all those tails that come with crochet. Crochet has it's good point of being quick and easy to do but sewing all those ends in is it's downfall. 

Anyway I am on a countdown to next Thursday because that is when I leave. So from now until then I am going to do week of Blythe.  Some will be interested some not but stop by and take a look anyway, they really are very special dollies.

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Liesl said...

Your Blythe is looking very toasty there! I hope you have fun at the meet-up.