Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dolls & Magazines...................

A friend of mine was doing a bit of a clean up as he is moving on from this pretty island. He has lived here for quite some time with his partner in the partners great aunts house( very confusing I know). Anyway there lies many a thing that was kept from the great aunts life. Very interesting things that date back many, many years. One evening we were talking and a conversation came up about dolls and also the fancy old magazines he had on display in the house. Forward a few months from this night and last week he gave me a collection of little french dolls. How old he couldn't tell me but he thought maybe over 100 years. They are the prettiest, daintiest little things you have ever seen. They all have a handstitched outfit on with allsorts of layers including nickers. They are delightful and we all have gazed over them many a time noticing something different on them.

Thrown in to sweeten the deal with these little treasures was a whole lot of old crafting magazines. The youngest is from 1950 & the oldest is from the 1920's. I think I may write about these in a separate post because some of the things are priceless. Recipes, patterns and household hints, to be done the French way, galore.

You may also have noticed the odd picture out in the collage. I had to put a picture up of one of my new Blythe girls, Achachum Zukin. She fits in lovely with all the old dolls just not as dirty........they all need a very gentle scrub!


CurlyPops said...

How lucky that they've found a new home where they'll be loved and appreciated. Thank goodness they weren't discarded during the move.

clare's craftroom said...

Wow aren't you lucky ! What beautiful things .