Wednesday, 16 June 2010

One more sleep..............

Every Clown Needs One by kylie2good.

 Only one more sleep until I head off on my long weekend of no husband, no children, lots of talking with my mum, old friends, new friends and plenty of shopgirls.......I hope to do a little bit shopping in between all my other social activities.

I only have one set date on the weekend and the rest will be a bit of whatever takes mine and the friends fancy. I would like to eat some great food and have a good coffee or two sans interruption from the kids and find a pair of clogs. Any Adelaide readers out there who maybe able to help with this. We are staying in Nth Adelaide but will definately head into town at some point.
I can't keep from saying but I think the highlight will be seeing all the Blythe girls in person. New, old, customised it will be there......7th Heaven to some. I am now going off to check that my battery in my camera is fully charged and I have an empty card in it. I hope I will take many photos to show you all.


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Hope you're having fun! I went to the one in Melbourne last year and had a blast!