Tuesday, 22 June 2010

After such build up and complete excitement about heading back to Oz the weekend away is now over and I am back doing the washing and the cooking and any other household job that needs to be done.  Oh it was a wonderful weekend though full of food, laughter, beautiful dolls, musk sticks, not being called to do something every five minutes, meeting up of old friends and then meeting some new friends. The Blythe meet-up (the main reason for going) was such fun and I learnt a whole lot of stuff about these wonderful dollies. I saw some beautiful outfits, crazy eyes, crazy hair & then some girls in the flesh that need to be added to the wishlist. The crew of ladies that put the day together did such a wonderful job. The hall was decorated perfectly for a party, there was prizes to win and too much lovely tasting food to eat. I was not disappointed in the day and can't wait for Sydney next year!!

On a side note I picked up my 3 new girls in Melbourne and had to just look at them in their boxes for 4 days. They are now de-boxed and sitting in the lounge-room being admired by us all. Oh they are truley lovely!!


Sandrine said...

OH that sound like a fabulous get away home...Sometimes it is so important to escape and have some "moi" time, so we can keep sane!! :)

Vic said...

OMG 3 new girls?! LUCKY YOU!!!!

Michelle said...

Lovely! And three new girls? Jealous!