Monday, 6 September 2010


 A fellow arty crafty person and myself talked at the begining of the year about a crafternoon type get together once a month. A get together with like minded people to create something different than we normally make.We got our act together about 4 months back, trying to organise everybody and their schedules is always complicated.

Anyway our days are a Monday straight after lunch and they are fun and what makes these fun is I get to have a French lesson at the same time as sewing. We are a mixed group, 1 American and 1 Australian who speak French no problem, 2 Frenchies who speak pretty good English then me. It  is funny sitting in a room where the language flips from one to the other like it is a normal thing to do. I know my comprehension with the crafty words is getting a whole lot bettereven if the other stuff isn't.

P.S thank you to the lovely ladies who have increased my follower numbers. Only one to go to hit 50!

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