Saturday, 11 September 2010

Ou est le printemps?.......

We are only 11 days into spring here in Noumea and it feels like summer already! We only  have 2 seasons here and that is a bit of a shame really. It's winter or Summer no in-between. There is no smells in the air that Spring is about to unfold, no sense that the air is getting warmer. It is just wham 'I am Summer and here I come'!! I very much liked this time of year living back in Melbourne. I have very vivid memories of it and it is one thing I miss about my old home but I don't dwell too long on these things I mis, I have too many things here that I lovealot. Like the not very cold winter we have. No siree I don't miss the Melbourne winter!!! 

 Onto something completely different I would like to thank the ladies who took me up to 50 followers.................Yipeeee I am finally there!!!

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