Wednesday, 1 September 2010

There once was a shop..............

There once was a girl who had an online shop and very rarely did she put anything in it. The shop felt so lonely it didn't know what it was going to do until one day the owner got off her butt and produced some lovely hand made brooches to put in it. Voila! If this hasn't shocked you too much go and take a look for yourself.

On to a more serious note I have been thinking about my shop with Big Cartel. I know at this stage I don't produce alot of things to put in it but if I got my act together and did I can only put 5 things in it without then paying a fee for more space(10.00US) a month. I am also thinking about exposure. I don't have a lot of people following me nor does BC have a search section on their main page to be able to find certain things or me. So this brings me back to decideing if I should jump in and do the Esty shop thing. There is a whole lot of exposure there and it really is only a small outlay to put as many things on to sell as you like. A little help/advice would be nice from anybody out there that have one. Good & bad experiences most welcome.

P.S Hello to my new follower and if I have any lurkers please become a follower.......I would like to make it to 50! Thank you in advance.

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