Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sundays wisdom...........

Practice gets rid of stage fright.

We all know this don't we but sometimes it is easier said than done! 

Speaking of doing something and not being afraid. I opened myself an etsy shop. Big cartel was just not doing it for me so I made a leap of faith and just did it. Take a look if you have a few spare minutes.

Happy Sunday!


m.e (Cathie) said...

I hope it does!
well done on the etsy shop.
Happy Sunday ANgelique

beka*b said...

Glad you are still posting these inspo' cards - I am enjoying seeing each one. Are you picking them at random or as they come out of the box?

Well done for taking the leap into Etsy-land! Exciting! I have mixted feelings about the site, mostly because there are so many vendors and it's hard to stick out from the crowd. But you are part of a bigger community and therefore networking system - BigCartel gives me the impression of being quite isolated. Possibly good for when I am more well known and established, maybe?

Anyways, congrats again and I'll pop by later to check you out :)

Sandrine said...

Congrats on your pretty Etsy shop!I hope it all work out better for you.