Wednesday, 6 October 2010


We went off to the library this afternoon for the kids to have a wander about and find something new to look at as the 500? books at home are never enough! Juliette found a book on the history of Barbie. We bought it home as it is full of wonderful pictures and I just love a dolly book. The kids are fascinated with how old she is and asked the question  'Do we know anybody born in the same year as her?'- 1959. When I realed of the names of cousins and friends they thought this hilarious. Anyway I digress from my train of thought. I know many women out there think that Barbie is not a good role model for girls but I have never ever nor has my daughter ever thought we should be like Barbie. All blonde and leggy and beautiful! Come to think of it she has had some wonderful careers in her time. What I do know about Barbie is she has the most marvelous fashion sense and the wardrobe to match. Long live Barbie & her fashion designer's!!!!

P.S You can disagree with me if you wish I won't mind!

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Vic said...

I know it's not the popular stance these days, but I don't mind Barbie at all & I loved her as a kid. I would even preffer her, whole-heartedly, over skank-alicious-dolls around now like Bratz. *shiver* Retro/Vintage Barbies are beautiful, I've a 1967 repro here, she's super cute!