Tuesday, 5 October 2010


nothing to say
Vagabond jewellery
What to say to you all today..............I have not much to say on this fine Tuesday arvo. For those of you who have just tuned in I live a nice life on a tropical island my husband goes off to work each day, my kids are off at school and I get to spend my days as I please- except at lunch when they all come home. Sometimes that is great and sometimes it can be a little quiet. I have days where I am very motivated to accomplish alot and other days (like today) were I don't feel like doing anything at all! This is no good at all around Blogtoberfest time as I have to tell you all about something I have done or am making or so on.

Look at that..........in saying I have nothing to say I have made up a paragraph...........just goes to show if you blabber on long enough something comes of it. Fab bracelet found on flickr while trying to think of something to write!

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Well I just thought I'd stop in and say hi !