Saturday, 23 October 2010

Felties & fun!...........

Sorry everybody I missed yesterdays post not for any other reason than purely running out of time. Today I was determined to get something up as this is two I have missed and I don't want to miss anymore. Todays post is not so very exciting but it is something that we have been doing, well me and the kids anyway husband has been lying on the couch. He had a very big week in Sydney! Anyway making felties is what we have done. We have this great book, Felties and seriously it is fantastic. It has cute projects for the kids, they are easy enough for them to make most of it by themselves and they love it. What more can you want. The kitchen table is one hell of a mess but who doesn't sometimes like a night of eating your dinner on your lap. Seriously I say if you are looking for a gift for around about 8 year old up I would spend my money on it, it is a winner.

Thank you everybody who has started to follow me I am now up to 58 only 2 to go to hit 60. Come on go and see the giveaway and lets see if I can hit the mark.

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Jenny Blair said...

wow!These felties are really lovely! You have talented kiddywinkles :)
I shall definitely check this book out...always on the hunt for a rainy afternoon filler (while my significant other lounges on sofa also!!) :)