Saturday, 18 October 2008

Mixin' it with the Frenchies......

This afternoon for the first time the kids had non English speaking friends over for a play. Usually we have kids of mixed marriages who are all bi-lingual. This makes life easy and I need to admit this I have been avoiding it. For obvious reasons- language barrier! But I am going to say right here and now I need not have worried. The kids now have a level of French that far surpasses mine and so for them this is normal day to day stuff. For me it's a great learning experience and I should be thankfull for it. I know we read this and people are always saying that kids are sponges and it is all just soaked up but I am very proud that my two have had to learn a new language as well as learning the very first basics at school e.g reading & writing. It gives me such a thrill when I see them sitting around the table having gouter with their buddies and yabbering on in a language that isn't their first.

Bon courage Django & Juliette.

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THE ESSESS said...

I took french class at school but didn't pay attention, I am kicking myself now! I think its great the kids have an opportunity to learn a second language!