Wednesday, 8 October 2008

On my desk.......1

I am supposed to be working on my zine swap that was due to be sent out last week but what can I do when summer has come early and the days are like this. Blue, blue, more blue and warm. I do have a plan for this lovely day even though all I want to do is be out in it.

-Get out and about in the day- tick. been for a walk

- come home do a bit more on the zine - no tick yet. too busy on the computer doing blog post
- deal with kids as they only have half a school day on Wednesdays then get back to zineing -no tick yet either-school finishes at 10.45am.

-go to the beach for catch up with friends later on- can't miss this one day is just to beautiful!

I will come back later on in the day and let you know what I actually achieve. Wish me luck.


BigCat said...

I can't believe how stunningly beautiful your little corner of the world is.

Suzy said...

I received my zine yesterday - thanks so much!
Noumea looks so beautiful, I will definitely be visiting your blog again to see more.