Wednesday, 8 October 2008

On my desk.......2

So this is much later on in the day, evening in fact and I have a photo of stuff that has been done. I didn't get everything finished but oh so close. Zines are finished off, the most important part of this exercise. It is now just a few extra bits to pop in the envelopes and voila I can visit the post office. That is going to be an interesting experience in itself. If anybody doesn't already know I don't have a whole heap of French but doing this job should be easy. The little parcels are fairly self explanatory. Addresses and all but it could still end up another one of those stories I have to tell of me walking out of somewhere and feeling like I have made a complete idiot of myself!

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BigCat said...

You don't happen to have any extra copies of the zine do you? I would love a copy.