Saturday, 7 February 2009

Orange clouds.............

I am checking in to let you all know that I have missed the last two Love Fridays post's. Not that I haven't thought about them on those particular days. What has been happening is that each Friday has come around and I haven't really got anything exciting to tell so I think that I will put up something later but later comes around at about 11pm. The day has come and gone we have done some things in the end but I just cannot be bothered to do a post. Anyway I am posting now with not much to tell you other than I really liked the colour of our sky this evening and thought you all should see it. When it has been raining heavily during the day here and the clouds break at sunset the sky goes a really weird shade of orange. It is a little bit freaky.
If you would like to see others who participate in 'Love Fridays' and post on that particular day go over and see Tinniegirl.

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