Friday, 17 August 2007


I love exploring when I arrive in new places and I have found myself a fantastic Japanese shop that imports lots of interesting food and nik-nak stuff. I don't frequent it that often but when I do go I come home with so many packets of things that I don't have any idea about. A lucky dip of sorts. Most of the time they are delicious and I can't even give you any idea of what anything is called( except the wasabi peas)as it is solely in Japanese.

She also stocks a little bit of Hello Kitty stuff which my kids adore. I even asked if she could get the fabulous craft books that I see on everyone elses blogs but alas no.

Today I did splurge and bye myself a new teapot and matching cups. Like I haven't had enough presents in the past two weeks! But this is for health purposes. It's to have my healthy green tea in. I did already have one but the spout leaked everywhere when you poured the tea and when I looked at this one it reminded me of a little elephant. Look at that spout! I did also like it's decoration and how the cups did blend in with it. Anyway enough of my yabbering. I am going off to christen it.

And won't that make everybody very HAPPY!!!!

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posiepatchwork said...

OH, what lucky dip fun. Yes, i think you'd pick wasabi peas a mile off!! I bought 5 Japanese Craft books from Retro Mummy, they are fabulous. I took one "Lesson One" to the markets yesterday to flick through between customers & they are in Japanese, however, you can make out the instructions. I felt like some kind of bilingual genius, & reading back to front is really fun. Love Posie