Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Homemade gifts.......

'pretty little peg doll aprons'

'close up of the people who live in the aprons'

'A special girly pirate bag for a not so girly girl'

Homemade gifts.....I'll admit I am one to make presents for kids and mums if I know they are going to like/appreciate them. I have been reading about homemade/handcrafted gifts or alternatives for the normal gifts on other blogs lately. Some ideas put forward is to suggest asking people to make things for your children (if they are that way inclined)or if they aren't giving money towards a greater gift as I read about here. What a fab idea. Another post I read was here. Long but well worth the time it takes to read it. It talks about big company/little people not earning much/mass produced toys. Also over here at posies she talks about making presents and the kids who are giving the gift having some input. I try to get my kids to do that too. It may only be choosing the colour of a dolls hair but they love to feel involved.

Don't get me wrong I still do buy toys from the big companies and my kids love to receive them. It's easy when I don't always have the time to create stuff. I usually have to do some forward planning to get these presents done because these projects have to fit in around all the everyday stuff that goes on in a family house. But I must admit I love the feeling of satisfaction at the end when you see what you have finished. As time passes those toys or gifts you have made for someone special usually sit far longer on shelves or beds or wherever they are meant to sit.

The few things above are going home to some special kids and I am hand delivering them to their mum. I am going on a girls weekend to Brisbane tomorrow. So exciting!!! Seven of my good buddies are coming up to meet me and we are going to chat, drink wine/champagne/gin and talk to our hearts content without being interrupted by babies or big kids. There will be some shopping done,maybe even fit in a movie. No point going to the movies here. The french dub everything. The only movie I have seen advertised in it's original version was a recently released aboriginal movie. 10 Canoes. I just don't think dubbing would have worked on that one. Do you?

I am going off now to pack my case. What to take? I have been doing this stuff long enough to know what not to take but it still always takes me so long to decide on what to take. Will hopefully have some good stories to tell next week.

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